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Burmese Days Essay - 801 Words

It seems there isnt much on the net about Burmese Days that one can look over when getting ready to write an essay. I have provided one I wrote that is about 2 1/2 pages long and outlines some basic themes as well as analyzes the main character. Tell me what you guys think: Burmese Days by George Orwell is not a book that commonly comes to mind when one thinks Orwell but nevertheless it holds a distinguished place in his career as a writer. The novel revolves around the lives of a handful of high-class English gentlemen living in Burma during the time of the British colonial period. The story focuses on one man in particular; John Flory, who gradually succumbs to his life of loneliness and boredom. Though a pukka sahib or†¦show more content†¦To them the Burmans are nothing more than maids, slaves, and peasants. When the European Club is asked to elect a non-white member all the Englishmen feel annoyed and infuriated that they must choose somebody that they consider of such filth and low rank in society. Discrimination plays an important role because it creates one of the main conflicts of the novel. John Flory does not share the ill feelings of his companions but his lack of courage and fear of rejection cause him to retain all of his feeling s and protests; a situation which subsequently tears Johns conscience in two. Self-acceptance is one of Johns major obstacles as a person. He envisions himself as repulsive and emotionally and physically languid. His pessimistic feelings towards himself prevent him from being able to confess his love to Elizabeth and express his pro-Burma feelings at the European Club. Due to his inability to do so, feelings of cynicism and melancholy build up in John, which in turn give way to less and less confidence. As John continuous his way down his emotional spiral he never does realize that all his fears and problems were caused by fears and problems within himself. Isolation is an important factor in the story because it creates an inevitable prison of detachment and despair that John has no way of escaping. John does not feel at home with the rest of the few Englishmen living in Burma because of their bigotry, yet he does not fit in with theShow MoreRelatedBurmese Days: an Example of Im perialism Essay772 Words   |  4 PagesBurmese Days: An Example of Imperialism Nineteenth century industrialization brought new riches and power to Western Europe, driving the expansion of opportunities and the building of empires in undeveloped territories. Although the developed countries brought many modern technologies to under-developed nations, they also brought fierce racism and European arrogance. Burmese Days by George Orwell was written in 1834 as a satirical view of English imperial life in Burma. Orwell provides a realisticRead MoreGeorge Orwell s Burmese Days Essay1445 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"In India you are not judged for what you do, but for what you are.† With this one sentence author George Orwell depicts colonialism and racism in the novel perfectly. Burmese Days by George Orwell tells the tale of white Englishmen, and women, ruling over the native Indian population during the early 20th century. This was during an era of colonialization in which native Indians had next to no rights and all laws were made by the British i n power. This created tension on both sides and racismRead MoreEssay on Book Report on George Orwells Burmese Days5594 Words   |  23 PagesBook Report on George Orwells Burmese Days The book â€Å"Burmese Days† was written by George Orwell and published first in 1934. Orwell took the inspiration for this first novel of his from the experiences he gained during his service as an imperial police officer in Burma in the late 1920s. There he was confronted with extreme forms of imperialism, causing racism and also chauvinism. These are also the main topics of the novel and although they are wrapped up in the story of a single man’s fateRead MoreBurmese Days1142 Words   |  5 PagesRacism in Burmese Britain owned many colonies throughout the 1800’s including Burma. While the British were able to manufacturing raw materials from Burma until the early 1900’s, British Imperialism would forever influence the Burmese Natives. In George Orwell book â€Å"Burmese Days,† racism is one example of this British Imperialism influence. British Imperialism allowed the use of racism to influence the European Club members and British military. Some British authority used racism to diminish theRead MoreBurmese Days by George Orwell1125 Words   |  5 Pagesconnections to Burma go a long way back, all the way back to the first Anglo-Burmese war which was fought in the mid-1820s. It was then and there that Burma was subjected to the colonial rule of the British, and the lives of its people were forever changed. The rich became poorer, the middle class became poorer and the poor, needless to say became the poorest. The British intruded and forced themselves into the Burmese p eople’s lives with clear intent, they wanted to give the people of Burma somethingRead MoreEssay about Burmese Days Review893 Words   |  4 PagesI. Orwell, George. Burmese Days, Harcourt Inc, 1934. 287 pp. Patrick Morgan The World Since 1850 Greenstein Burmese Days Book Review September 27, 2010 II. George Orwell, born Eric Blair was born in Motihari, Bengal, a then British territory of India in 1903. He was very scholarly from a young age and earned scholarships to preparatory schools and both Wellington and Eton colleges. After furthering his education at Eton he joined the Indian Imperial Police Force in Burma. AfterRead MoreA Passage to India and Burmese Days Essays1880 Words   |  8 PagesThroughout the novel A Passage to India, by E.M. Forster, and Burmese Days, by George Orwell, the authors use race, culture, economics, and liberal humanism to discuss various colonial issues. These issues include controversies, power structures, injustices, and the idea of syncretism between the colonizers and the colonized. A Passage to India focuses largely on using culture and liberal humanism to explore issues of colonialism while Burmese Days mainly uses race and economics to explore these topicsRead MoreRacial Boundaries in Burmese Days by George Orwell1471 Words   |   6 Pagesboundary that had the Burmese dealing with white European supremacy since day one. It is evident throughout George Orwell’s novel, Burmese Days, that the main theme is the superiority of the white Europeans over the non-white Burmese. The white Europeans are extremely racist, sexist, and self centered. The social class system in this novel seems to be a two-tier system. The top tier being the white European elite, while the bottom tier seems to be the rest. The non-white Burmese people constituted theRead MoreBurmese Pythons in the Everglades1599 Words   |  7 PagesUnited States, a group of tourists set out for a day of exploration in the Everglades. They hoped to see some of the diverse and unique species that the Everglades are famous for, and maybe snap a few cool pictures to show their friends. They could never have anticipated what they would actually discover. A short way into their trek, the party was drawn to a noisy struggle nearby. They followed their ears to a duel between an alligator and a huge Burmese Python. The alligator clamped his jaws aroundRead MoreThe First Day Of The United States1536 Words   |  7 PagesThe first day in the United States is one of the best day and most thrilling days in my life. My father and my older sister move to Malaysia to get a job and support our family due to financial difficulty and lack of job opportunity in Burma. After a few years, my father and my sister were able to enter as immigrant and they were sent to the United States as immigrants through United Nation. After being apart with my father and my sister for more than a decade, my parents decide to move completely

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The United States Health Care System - 1369 Words

Out of the nineteen candidates running for president, Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump were chosen for the analysis of their plans for the United States health care system. The United States health care system has been in need of adjustment for years, with prices being paid over double per capita compared to other countries. While they have some similar views on current issues, there are drastic differences in the candidates’ ideas for change. To begin, Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate, believes that health care in the United States is a human right regardless of a person’s income. Universal health care is a foundation of his goals. For example, he hopes to utilize legislation to remove fraud in the drug industry while also reducing costs. He plans to expand and enhance the Medicaid program until universal coverage is achieved. He states that the U.S. is the only major country that lacks health care coverage for everyone and considers our current system to be â€Å"massively dysfunctional†. He is looking to move towards a more cost-effective and higher quality system. He hopes to carry this out by establishing a single payer system like Medicare. He compares the issue of the poor not receiving quality care to the universal public education that happened 100 years ago. One day he hopes to carry out that extensive and needed change again but with health care. The issue of the United States health care system is evident, and his views ofShow MoreRelatedThe United States Health Care System1449 Words   |  6 PagesThe United States health care system is the most expensive in the world. It spends more than 16% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on health care, (the highest per person in the world), but ranks behind most countries on many measures of health outcomes, quality, and efficiency. In 2012, over 47 million people were un-insured and millions were under-insured⠁ ´. The cost of health care is rising at least twice as fast as the rate of economic growth. Major companies are passing more of the cost ofRead MoreThe United States Health Care System Essay1905 Words   |  8 PagesThe United States health care system is lacking the needs to create a reliable system to achieve quality, access, cost, and educate for the consumers. Despite the efforts of the government to find a common ground to meet the standard for the societies, the system has yet to have a major improvement. These issues must be reexamined to fix the broken system. The United States health care expenditure is another issue that needs to be addressed to achieve the future goals of the healthcare system in theRead MoreThe Quality Of Care Of The United States Health Care System2125 Words   |  9 PagesThe quality of care In the United States Health Care System, unlike a lot of people’s perceptions, is not the best in the world. In fact, Rose Ann DeMoro, the Executive Director of National Nurses United, Which happens to be the nation’s largest professional association and union for registered nurses, wrote in â€Å"How US Private Insurance Healthcare is Failing,† â€Å"A study published [in June 2011] from the university of Washington in collaboration with researchers at Imperial College London found lifeRead MoreThe Health Care System Of The United States As A Whole Essay1369 Words   |  6 Pagesthe health care system i n the United States as a whole. Within this article, the subjects of health care that are reviewed are a) the US government’s position as the insurer for roughly 60 percent of the healthcare spending in the US via the public sector, b) the analysis of the funding for government health care programs such as Medicare, Medicall, and Medicaid and c) the programs in place for the health care of children and program administration for war veterans. The author discusses health careRead MoreUnited States Health Care System Essay3779 Words   |  16 Pages17 Nov 2006 US Health Care System: Does the Public Get the Best Return vs. Investment The United States spends more of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on healthcare then any other industrialized country in the world and because of this one would think that the U.S. provides one of the top universal healthcare plans for all citizens without health insurance. Furthermore, the U.S.’s overall health system performance is 37 out of 191 (qtd in U.S. Census Bureau), obviously 37 out of 191 is horribleRead MoreComparing The Canadian And The United States Health Care System1151 Words   |  5 Pagesthe United States health care system. the first part of the paper will focus on describing each country health care system. The second part will focus on analyzing, evaluating and comparing these two countries system efficiency and benefits. The last part, is an overview of the recent policies changes and its effect (positive and negative) on each country citizens and proposed future reforms for better coverage in these countries. Canada health system Canada provides a national universal care thatRead MoreSafety Net Hospitals And The United States Health Care System903 Words   |  4 Pageshospitals have played an important role in the United States health care system. They provide a significant amount of care to low-income, uninsured, and vulnerable populations. While treating these types of populations, they are still able to provide high cost services such as trauma and burn care. They often take on additional roles and responsibilities such as the training of medical and nursing students (Coughlin et al., 2014). These hospital systems are well known for their open door policy (WynnRead MoreComparing The United States Health Care System With The Federal Republic Of Germany2322 Words   |  10 PagesTHE UNITED STATES HEALTH CARE SYSTEM WITH THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY During the past few decades in the United States, health care cost has been skyrocketing, and many people have lost their insurance as result of the high cost. Approximately 45 million American s are uninsured or they don’t have a real health care plan that can cover all their needs. Some Americans have the perception that even with coverage, cost and other problems in the system, the quality of the Healthcare System in theRead MoreThe Health Care System Of The United States857 Words   |  4 Pages 1.) Briefly describe the US Health Care system. Identify the people, professionals and organizations that have something to say about how health care is delivered -- and paid for -- in the US. The Health Care System in the United States is provided by many organizations. The Healthcare facilities are largely owned by private sector businesses. A large part of community hospitals are non-profit and government owned, and only a small percent is for profit. The non-profit hospitals include 60 toRead MoreThe Health Care System Of The United States1218 Words   |  5 PagesCurrently, The United States sits as the thirty-sixth best nation at delivering effective healthcare, and yet the US does so at over $8,200 per capita, more than two and half times the OECD average. This creates and incredibly paradoxical circumstance where â€Å"the most powerful, most innovative, and richest country [on] the plant† delivers on average one of the worst healthcare results among developed countries (Reid 28). Several countries including Canada, England, the Netherlands, France, and Germany

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Rome free essay sample

By the time of Jesus, Rome controlled much of Europe and the Mediterranean. In 300 A. D. , Rome’s population was over one million. A Roman city started with a grid layout, with major buildings in the center and the whole area surrounded by walls. There were aqueducts to supply water, temples, markets, theaters and amphitheaters, public baths, and playing fields. The province of Gaul, now France, was brought under Roman control by Julius Caesar. Many of the Celtic people of Gaul, particularly the Druids, were not happy to be ruled by Rome. The fictional city of Verbonia exemplifies a conquered Gallic settlement. One can still see aqueduct ruins in France. Aqueducts rested on a series of arches and used gravity to bring water from mountains to cities. Water was stored in reservoirs before being funneled to the homes of the rich, to the public baths, and to the public fountains. Verbonia has reservoirs made of concrete. The fictional city of Verbonia exemplifies a conquered Gallic settlement. One can still see aqueduct ruins in France. Aqueducts rested on a series of arches and used gravity to bring water from mountains to cities. Water was stored in reservoirs before being funneled to the homes of the rich, to the public baths, and to the public fountains. Verbonia has reservoirs made of concrete. The gluttonous Roman official taxes the Gauls cruelly. Excavations at Pompeii revealed wealthy citizens’ homes with their gardens, atriums, and pools. Wealthy lifestyles were supported by slave labor. Ostia, unlike Pompeii, was a working-class town. Continued taxation leads the tax collector’s countrymen to report him to Caesar Augustus, who recalls him to Rome to become a food taster. Even so, Celts continue to revolt at Verbonia and are harshly punished by the Romans. The Romans loved the depraved entertainment at amphitheaters such as the Colosseum, where gladiators fought, prisoners were executed, and defeated enemies were killed publicly. The architect of Verbonia asks Caesar Augustus to pardon the chieftain who has been punished after Celtic uprisings. Caesar grants his wish. Later, the chieftain’s daughter halts an assassination attempt and 4 she and her father are rewarded with Roman citizenship. During the Roman Empire, many conquered peoples became assimilated and gained status. The Roman city was a crucible of thought and change, as well as being livable and thoughtfully designed. The designers tried to limit cities’ sizes. Though much of the Romans’ vision of life was brutal and repulsive, part of it was brilliantly progressive. Roman technology and city planning were unparalleled in the ancient Western world. 5 People/Gods Julius Caesar Romulus and Remus Jupiter and Juno Slaves G ladiators Druids Places Amphitheater Atrium Forum Gaul Pompeii and Herculaneum Ostia Rome Palatine Hill Colosseum Things Keystone Aqueduct Colonnade DIRECTIONS: Write the correct answer by the definition: People/Gods 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Roman gods Most famous Roman Lowest class of Roman society Men trained to fight to the death for public entertainment Legendary founders of Rome Priests of an ancient Celtic religion Places 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Towns buried by volcanic ash and mud A commercial city and seaport of the Roman Empire Territory now known as France Open area around which a house is built Central public place of an ancient Roman city An oval building with tiered seats around an open space, used for contests or games in ancient Rome 7. Center of Roman Empire 8. Site of emperor’s home in Rome 9. Famous amphitheater in Rome Things 1. A row of columns supporting a horizontal beam or a roof 2. A pipeline built to carry water 3. W edge-shaped piece at the crown of an arch that holds the other pieces in place

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Galileos Rolling Ball experiment Essay Example

Galileos Rolling Ball experiment Paper Galileo in his rolling ball experiment investigated the acceleration of a ball rolling down an inclined plane, using a similar setup I will investigate how the time taken to roll down the inclined plane varies with the vertical height change. Theory: When two similar objects are thrown vertically downwards, they are in a state of free-fall. Both objects will hit the ground simultaneously; the force which causes these objects to fall down is the pull of gravity which is also the acceleration of these objects. As the object falls down, its speed increases hence its acceleration increases. Using the equation of motion; S= u t + 1/2 a t2 Since u = o, we can ignore initial velocity so: S = 1/2 a t2 Straight line equation: y = m x + c The variables in this experiment are: S and t2 When compared with the straight line equation: S = 1/2 a t2 y = m x a sin a cos sin = Component of acceleration down slope = g S = 1/2 (a sin) t2 Re-arranging the formula gives: S = 1/2 g t2 = = 1/2 g t2 y-axis gradient x-axis relating this to the equation of a straight line. If t2 is plotted at x-axis and at y-axis the gradient (m) will be equal to 1/2 g therefore, changing the height of the inclined slope and measuring the time period, the value of acceleration can be calculated. = 1/2 g t2 g = 2 Prediction: I think that as the ball will run down the slope its acceleration will increase and the time for the ball to roll down will decrease. Also if the vertical height (h) is increased, the time for the ball to roll down will decrease, i. e. it will travel faster due to increase in the force of gravity. Diagram: Method: Â  First setup the apparatus as shown in the diagram above by: Â  Placing a 2m ramp on a horizontal surface. We will write a custom essay sample on Galileos Rolling Ball experiment specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Galileos Rolling Ball experiment specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Galileos Rolling Ball experiment specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Having the ramp at an angle so it makes a slope for the ball to run down from, the ramp will be supported on a clamp-stand. Â  Put a mark on the ramp for where the ball will be released and where it will stop. Then measure the vertical height of the inclined slope and record it. Â  Place a cup at the end of the ramp where the mark is, so when the ball bearing reaches the end it will make a sound which will make it easy to stop the stopwatch. Â  Place a ball bearing at the highest point of the slope where the mark is. Â  Release the ball and simultaneously start the stopwatch. When the ball bearing reaches to the bottom of the slope where the mark is, then stop the stopwatch upon hearing the sound made by the ball on contact with the cup. Â  Repeat the experiment several times and get an average for all repeats to get a more accurate result. Safety: * When carrying out the experiment make sure the ramp is securely held on the clamp. * Handle the ramp carefully when carrying it around. Do not swing it around. * When changing the height, first remove the ramp then adjust the height before returning the ramp to its place. Vertical Height (h) in metres Time (s) Average time. Time squared (t2) 0. 10 10. 00 3. 88 4. 06 4. 06 4. 00 16. 00 0. 20 5. 00 3. 21 2. 89 2. 93 2. 99 8. 94 0. 30 3. 33 2. 38 2. 22 2. 38 2. 33 5. 43 0. 40 2. 50 1. 95 1. 99 2. 02 1. 99 3. 96 0. 50 2. 00 1. 89 1. 76 1. 82 1. 80 3. 24 0. 60 1. 67 1. 65 1. 66 1. 66 1. 66 2. 76 Results table: Graph: Evaluation: Although I carried out the experiment as accurately as I could there wree still many sources of error in the method I used. Firstly the error in my timing has been quoted as + 0. 2 s. this is because of my reaction time i. e. the time for the signal from the brain to be transferred to the hand. There is an error in both the starting and stopping of the stopwatch, which makes this the most significant source of error in this experiment. In order to improve the experiment the timing error needs to be reduced. This can be done by increasing the number of readings for every height. Increasing the number from 3 readings to 6 readings would half the percentage error in the results as shown below: Max % error (with 3 readings) = = 6. 7% Max % error (with 6 readings) = = 3. 3% From the above calculation it can be clearly seen that increasing the number of readings significantly reduces the % error by 3.4% or by half. Another way of increasing the accuracy of the timing would be to use a motion sensor to record the time. The maximum percentage error in the height measurement is: = 10% This error could be reduced by measuring the height of the clamp accurately using a ruler with a mm scale. The percentage error in the experiment was: Error in height + (2x error in time) = 10 + 6. 7 = 16. 7% From looking at the graph the points are scattered further away from the line of best fit as the height was increased. This is expected because the percentage error is greatest at these values.

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How Mark Anthony manipulates the crowd after the death of Julius Caesar Essay Example

How Mark Anthony manipulates the crowd after the death of Julius Caesar Essay Example How Mark Anthony manipulates the crowd after the death of Julius Caesar Paper How Mark Anthony manipulates the crowd after the death of Julius Caesar Paper Essay Topic: Julius Caesar Shakespeares play Julius Caesar is a play which elucidates many themes such as ambition, jealousy, tragedy, honour and integrity. It was written between the period 1597 and 1600 AD. The play is based upon actual events which took place in Rome over two millenniums ago. At the beginning of the play Shakespeare illustrates how Julius Caesar, following a successful campaign, returns to Rome and is offered the crown. He further explains that Cassius, a senior member of the senate, fearing for the republic, heads a conspiracy to murder Caesar. As the play continues, Cassius manages to invite many to aid his cause amongst whom was Brutus, a high-ranked member of the senate. The outcome of the conspiracy led to the death of Caesar in the capitol whilst the latter was totally unaware of the conspiracy. Following the death of Caesar, Brutus confronts the citizens of Rome and explains to them how his involvement in the conspiracy was for a pure and sincere intention and not to commit a cruel act of injustice. The aftermath of this speech was the consolation of the public and their total appreciation of this noble act. Concluding his speech, Brutus attempting to fully reassure the crowd, requested Mark Anthony to add a few words in appreciation of what he had just done. Anthony was a close companion of Caesar so his approval of the conspiracy would be very valuable in proving to the public the righteousness of the act. However Anthony, either for his own benefit or for justice, spoke against the conspiracy. This speech was highly effective and probably the turning point of the entire play. It was the reason for war and the reason for vengeance being taken. Anthonys powerful speech confines the true essence of politics and how orating influences are greater than any physical appliances or mannerisms to deter a people. During the following essay I shall attempt to analyse how Anthonys speech was influential and how he found it easier to appeal to emotion rather than reasoning to manipulate the citizens. Anthonys speech was a lot more subtle that that of Brutus. He uses more indirect methods to manipulate the crowd. He was able to read the mood of the audience whilst he was addressing them. He also paused three times during his speech, causing suspense, which consequently added to the drama that he wanted to create. In addition he even lied and pretended just so that he could gain the interests of his audience. Anthonys tone of speech varied as he spoke. This can be observed from the different attitudes portrayed in the manner in which he spoke. By varying his tone of voice, Anthony would be able to gain the interest of his audience, whereas if it were monotonous, the speech would sound boring. The opening few words of a speech are always important in drawing the attention of the audience. Anthony addresses the citizens as Friends, Romans, countrymen (Act 3: Scene 2) in contrast to Brutus who addressed them as Romans, countrymen and lovers. This variance, although slight, shows a major contrast in the attitudes of Brutus and Anthony. Brutus clearly demonstrates that his love for Rome is greater than any affection of an individual or close relation. Even in his statement Not that I lovd Caser less but that I lovd Rome more. (Act 3: Scene 2) it is evident of his keenness in the development of Rome over any prejudice feeling which would oppose a peaceful and blissful future in Rome. On the contrary, Mark Anthony firstly appeals to those who have close relationship with him and then mentions the Romans and countrymen who are insignificant in comparison to those whom are loved and revered. This is a clause leading to his true intention to establish that emotions and intimacy should be considered before the betterment of the state. So Anthony, in reality, is trying to appeal to the emotions of the crowd rather than, like Brutus, appeal to the love of the crowd for Rome and their home. Immediately after receiving the attention of the crowd, Anthony, carefully considering the mood of the audience, claims I come to bury Caesar not to praise him (Act 3: Scene 2). The public, after listening to Brutus, were fully reassured by the virtue of Caesars death. Furthermore the crowd, as one plebeian confirmed, felt that speaking ill of Brutus would be inappropriate and would initiate the audiences wrath and displeasure. Anthony understood this and therefore decided to take a more subtle approach in degrading Brutus and his conspiracy. As the speech progresses Anthony repetitively mentions the nobility and honour of Brutus and those that assisted him in the murder of Caesar. However Anthonys true intent was not to dignify Brutus and the other conspirators, rather to debase them. Anthony does this by making honour appear as a deterrent to seeing the good actions of an individual. He mentions honour alongside the killing of a man who brought many captives home, hath wept and thrice refused the crown. This technique that Anthony used was very effective as can be observed from the proclamation of one of the plebeians that They were traitors: honourable men? Then, after mentioning the virtues of Caesar, Anthony condemns the belief of anybody who said that Caesar was ambitious because Ambition should be made of sterner stuff (Act 3: Scene 2). Also the rhetorical question was this ambition? is very effective because Caesars greatness was just mentioned and by seeing Caesar in a bias way, as Anthony portrayed him, it becomes obvious that Caesar would not be ambitious. Thereafter appealing again to the sympathy of the crowd Anthony states Bear with me, my heart is in the coffin there with Caesar, and I must pause till it come back to me. By saying this Anthony demonstrates to the crowd how he was greatly moved by Caesars demise. The audience would obviously think highly of Anthony because, unlike Brutus, Anthony has feelings which are for him unbearable to suppress. The crowds appreciation of this quality of Anthony can be further observed by a plebeians claim that Poor soul, his eyes are red as fire with weeping (Act 3: Scene 2). In addition some of the assertions made by the plebeians indicate their approval of what he had to say, for instance one of them said Methinks he has much reasoning in his saying (Act 3: Scene 2). Later Anthony turns the speech onto a fabricated will. This will was a deceitful lie which the crowd were instantly attracted to and eager to hear their share. This lie demonstrates how fickle the crowd are because they are now more willing to believe in Anthonys integrity. They did not pause to reflect whether the will is genuine or not as this may lead to doubts which will consequently lead to the will not being read out and therefore no one being the recipient of the seventy five drachmas promised. At first, Anthony does not read to them the will even after the constant pleas of the crowd. This is indicative of the fact that he only fabricated the will as bait because he wanted to hold them in suspense and keep them enthralled in whatever he had to say. He asks the crowd Will you be patient? Will you stay awhile? He does this in order to calm the crowd so that he could gain their attention. Furthermore Anthony remarks I fear I wrong the honourable men whose dagger have stabbed Caesar: I do fear it Anthony pretends to feel guilty. This makes the crowd trust him more because they feel that he is innocence and is speaking for justice and not for power. Shortly afterwards Anthony explains why he doesnt read the will straightaway. He says You are not wood, you are not stone but men: and being men hearing the will of Caesar, it will inflame you. Here Anthony, very cleverly, flatters the crowd. The reason why these words are so effective is because of its contradiction to those words of Marullus, who at the beginning of the play addressed the citizens as You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things (Act 1: Scene 1), referring to their fickleness and stupidity. By saying this, Anthony gains the trust and affection of his audience. With Caesars body at his side, Anthony affectionately explains to the crowd You all do know this mantle, I remember the first time ever Caesar put it on, twas on a summers evening in his tent. (Act 3: Scene 2) By saying this again Anthony would seem like a very sensitive and caring man, which everybody adores. Another notable way in which Anthony gets the trust of the audience is by showing that he knew the most intricate details of the incident. He says Look in this place ran Cassius dagger through: see what a rent the envious Casca made: through this the well beloved Brutus stabbed. By pretending he knows the order in which Caesar was stabbed, Anthony would be confident that he has the trust of his audience because the crowd would think that he knows all the facts and thus is in a better position to make a judgement. Furthermore Anthony refers to Brutus as being beloved and Caesars angel, which would make the audience feel great animosity towards Brutus, who although so dear to Caesar, betrayed him. From this, it can be understood clearly that Anthony is appealing to the emotions of the citizens and not logical reasoning to rebel against the conspirators. To show his innocence and his pure intention to stand for justice, Anthony claims I am no orator as Brutus is; but a plain blunt man I have neither writ nor words, nor worth, action, nor utterance, nor the power of speech, to stir mens blood. (Act 3: Scene ) Judging from this, the crowd may have deduced that Anthony is more reliable than Brutus because his speech was directly from the heart and not because he had the power of speech as did Brutus. He would also appear as an innocent man who wishes nothing except justice to prevail. Moreover the citizens would feel as though Anthony is not a member of the senate, nor involved in politics but one of them. This gives them an added sense of empathy towards Anthony, because if he is accepted as one of them, they would think of him as a friend who just wants sympathy rather than a senior member of the senate who would need to be treated with respect and honour. Concluding his mutiny against Brutus and the others who conspired against Caesar, Anthony says And bid them speak to me: but were I Brutus, and Brutus Anthony, there were an Anthony would ruffle up your spirits, and put a tongue in every wound of Caesar, that should move the stones of Rome, to rise and mutiny. (Act 3: Scene 2). By saying this, Anthony is able to give the crowd a final hint of encouragement to rise and mutiny. Unlike the way he began his speech, by glorify the conspirators; he ends it by mentioning their wickedness and evilness. He tells them that if he had the consciousness of Brutus, he would curse Caesar only for power, due to lustful greed and passion. Again Anthonys innocence would be authenticated because he compares himself to the wickedness of Marcus Brutus. The people of Rome were extremely fickle and easily manipulated. They did not understand the world of politics and how much power they held as citizens of Rome. However there were members of the senate who had great political acumen. They possessed superb understanding of politics. They could very easily influence and change the hearts of an entire nation. Although Mark Anthony was not considered as one of them, after the death of Caesar, Anthonys insight in the field of politics was recognised. He managed to, very cleverly, manipulate the crowd into believing that the murder of Caesar was an immoral act of injustice and the conspirators only acted out of jealousy and envy for Caesars power. Mark Anthonys speech highlights the fickleness of human beings and how they are easily swayed by the eloquence of speech. The techniques used by Mark Anthony are still being displayed today by contemporary politicians. These techniques are highly effective as Shakespeare shows in Julius Caesar.

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Edit the document for proper grammar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Edit the document for proper grammar - Essay Example Sometimes, the contracts I write are in direct support for the many field exercises that our command supports, such as Foal Eagle and Key Resolve where the US and the Republic of Korea (ROK) forces come together annually and conduct trainings to defend South Korea and strengthen alliances. I also support contingency exercises such as Tendon Valiant in Indonesia, a Medical Readiness Training Exercise that supports local people in various areas by providing medical aid. The other contracts I write are for the Garrison environment such as security guards, custodial, among others. My involvement in the organization is very indespensable since I am providing the war fighters their day to day essentials, needs for training exercises and contingency exercises. If I am unable to assist in meeting the mission needs, the services needed to conduct day to day operations might be delayed or put on hold at the cost of the mission’s success. Sometimes our services come from the US and there are regulations regarding procurement that must be followed in accordance to the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). If we do not adhere to these procedures, it would not only be detrimental to the mission but to the suppliers as well. Each procurement involves many people and I orchestrate these service procurements. Once the services are procured, I also administer the contracts to assure that the contract is completed accordingly and the contractors get paid on time. One of my strengths is being able comprehend and speak English fluently, since English is my native language. This helps me to communicate well with my groupmates. In addition, I am also very well organized, helpful, proactive, and flexible. I have great organization skills in that I keep my electronic calendar up to date and have reminders set for follow-ups on emails and other events. I keep a clean, organized desk and my file cabinets are organized as well. I am